NEEM KERNEL OIL (Cold Pressed)

Product Info

We also manufacture Pure Neem Kernel Oil extracted from the best quality neem seed kernels without applying any external heat or steam whereby all the bio active principles like the Azadirachtin & isomers and the various limonoids are preserved without any decomposition.

Our Neem Kernel Oil is rich in Azadirachtin A & B along with other isomers. It is also rich is Nimbion , Salanin, Vepinin, Melintriol and other limonoids of Azadirachta indica. The Azadirachtin content in our oil is around 1500- 2000 ppm Min.

Pure Neem Kernel Oil helps control harmful insects and fungal diseases that attack fruit trees and other vegetable crops without affecting the fruit or the plant. It quickly bio-degrades in the environment.

Pure Neem Kernel Oil treats Mildews, Rusts, Leafspots, Leaf curl, Blights and various other fungal diseases.

Pure Neem Kernel Oil also controls Aphids, Spider Mites, Scale insects, Whiteflies, Weevils, Stinkbugs and many other garden pests.