About Us

We are one of the pioneers in Neem in India and have hands on experience in extracting Neem Kernel Oil and Azadirachtin from the seeds of Azadirachta indica for more than 15 years. NIMBION ORGANICS has been working on natural plant based products for the protection of various crops from pests, fungus and bacteria. All our products are 100% Organic and approved for organic farming by IMO Control India. We manufacture Neem- azadirachtin based botanical products with different concentrations of Azadirachtin under our brand name NIMBION - NIMBION 300 ( Azadirachtin 0.03% Min. w/w ), NIMBION 1500 ( azadirachtin 0.15% Min w/w), NIMBION 3000 ( Azadirachtin 0.3% Min. w/w), NIMBION 10000 (Azadirachtin 1% Min. w/w) and NIMBION 50000 ( Azadirachtin 5% Min.w/w).

NIMBION ORGANICS has also developed two wonderful products in LINOPRO and CURA. LINOPRO is very effective in protecting the crops mainly Grapes, Flowers from mealy bugs and other sucking pests.

CURA protects the crops from fungal and viral diseases . Both LINOPRO and CURA are approved by IMO Control for Organic farming.

Currently we are working on a product for the control of chewing pests (Lepidopteren)

Our Team

Mr A. Arul Raj is the CEO of NIMBION ORGANICS. He has a Post Graduate Degree in Chemistry from Loyola College , Chennai and has Post Graduate Diploma in Humana Resource Management and Masters Degree in Business management.He started his career with NPPIL ( natual Plant Products India Limited ) a joint venture company between Tata Oil Mills and Agridyne Technologies Ins, Utah, USA . NPPIL was one of the first companies in India way back in 1992, that started extracting azadirachtin from the neem seed oil. Mr Arul Raj has more than 15 years of experience in Neem.

Fr. S.Ignacimuthu s.j. is a Jesuit Priest and Director of Entomology Research Institute , Loyola college Chennai. He is the chief Advisor and mentor for NIMBION ORGANICS. He is the former Vice Chancellor of madras University and Bharathiyar University , Coimbatore . He was also the Principal of Loyol College, Chennai. He is a very renowned scientist and his contributions in the field of entomology and bio technology well known. The Royal Entomological Society, London awarded FRES (Fellow of Royal Entomological Society) for his outstanding contribution in Entomology. He is also a fellow of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi. He i He has carried out already more than 40 major research projects funded by government agencies. He has helped more than100 students to get their doctoral degrees. He has many patents. PONNEEM an ecofriendly biopesticide was developed by him. One insect species is named after him: Jacthrips ignacimuthui. One natural molecule is named after him: Ignaciomycin. .He has also visited many countries such as USA, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and Saudi Arabia as visiting scientist. He is an Emeritus Scientist of UGC, CSIR and ICMR, New Delhi.